Paducah Meeting Archive

Thematic Plenary Sessions

National and international speakers spoke to the role of Creative Cities in tourism, cultural revitalization and sustainable economic development. Click on the expert speaker's name/title for PDF presentation.

Creative Cities & Tourism Opportunities

View the livestream recording of the plenary session here.

Economic Development & Urban Revitalization Using Arts & Culture

View the livestream recording of the plenary session here.

Education, Institutions & Natural Resources for Sustainable Economic & Cultural Development

View the livestream recording of the plenary session here.

Creative Field Workshops

Dr. Maurizio Carta led daily Creative Field Workshops to translate plenary session insights into action and deepen connections to the UNESCO 2030 Agenda and Sustainable Development Goals.

Paducah artist Kijsa Housman visually recorded the workshops and city presentations to create a roadmap for the future impacts of Creative Cities HERE.

The annual meeting concluded with the signing of the Paducah Declaration.

Meeting Sustainably

In line with UNESCO's International Year of Sustainable Tourism, the Paducah planning team sought to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals through implementation of sustainable tourism development and green meeting practices. A participatory planning process with local stakeholders accomplished mutual benefit for the host community and visiting attendees. Environmental-friendly considerations encompassed accommodations, transportation, food and beverage, communications and collateral materials. This establishes a baseline and legacy for Paducah as an international convention destination and for future meetings of the Crafts & Folk Art sub-network.