Film Industry

Paducah takes your film project from production to finished product. This globally-connected UNESCO Creative City's environment of creativity, passionate local resources and central geographic location make it an ideal destination for filmmaking.

Allow us to assist and guide you through the array of resources that Paducah has to offer your production and answer any questions you may have. It would be an honor to have you choose our versatile corner of the Bluegrass State as the backdrop for your next film, commercial or media project.

Paducah and the greater western Kentucky region is rich with historic buildings, small town vignettes, forests, lakes, rivers and a multitude of varied natural landscapes in a relatively small radius. Not only a wonderful setting, our team is at the ready to connect you to our Creative City, populated with enthusiastic talent and production resources.

If you have submitted your script and application to the Kentucky Film Office, please reach out to let us know more about your project.

Thank you for your interest. We look forward to being in touch!