International Travelers

Welcome! Below are a few considerations for the international visitor with guidelines for travel planning and getting around once you arrive in the United States. As a UNESCO Creative City, Paducah welcomes artists and travelers from around the world to experience authentic American cultural heritage.

Reference the Paducah Visitors Guide and our series of local Inspiration Guides to customize the Paducah experience to your travel style. Contact the Paducah Visitors Bureau for additional trip planning assistance: or +1 (800) 723-8224


DOCUMENTATION: A valid passport is required for travel into the United States. Travelers coming to the United States for tourism or business for 90 days or less who are citizens of designated countries may be eligible to visit the United States without first obtaining a Visa if they meet the Visa Waiver Program requirements. Visit the State Department's official website for more detailed information.

CUSTOMS: Travelers coming to the United States must complete customs and immigration formalities upon first port-of-entry through the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Agency. 

TRANSPORTATION - Getting to Paducah!

By Air: Direct daily flights to Paducah's Barkley Regional Airport (PAH) on Contour Airlines from Charlotte Douglas International Airport or a two hour drive from Nashville's International Airport. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) provides travelers with all they need to know before boarding a plane to or within the U.S. This includes prohibited items, food and gifts, liquids regulations for carry-on baggage, transporting special items, traveling with children and travelers with disabilities and medical conditions.

By Car: Paducah is located halfway between Nashville and St. Louis on I-24. Drivers are required to possess a valid U.S. or international driver's license. International drivers are not required to carry an international driving permit in the U.S., but must possess a photo ID along with their native driver's license. Speed limits and traffic rules are strictly enforced.


PHONE CALLS: Paducah's telephone area code is 270. For emergencies (police, fire or ambulance), dial toll-free 9-1-1. For directory assistance dial 4-1-1. Without an international plan, many cell phones will not work in the U.S. Check with your service provider before visiting to ensure uninterrupted service.

TIPPING: Taxi drivers, bartenders and waiters generally receive a 20% gratuity for standard service, though it is appropriate to leave additional gratuity to restaurant wait staff for exceptional service, particularly in fine dining establishments.

SALES TAX: In Paducah a 6.0% tax is applied to all non-perishable goods. Prescription medicines and groceries except for alcohol are tax exempt.

LOCAL INFORMATION: The Paducah Visitors Bureau is located at 128 Broadway in Historic Downtown within walking distance to the Paducah riverfront and many attractions, events, dining and shopping. Whitehaven Welcome Center is a Kentucky interstate welcome center located just off I-24 Exit 7.

Quick Facts About Paducah

  • Climate: Weather units are measured in Fahrenheit. 
  • Time Zone: Paducah is on Central Standard Time (CST). 1 hour behind New York City (East Coast) and 2 hours ahead of Los Angeles (West Coast).
  • Currency: Monetary units are measured in U.S. Dollars.
  • Weights & Measurements: U.S. customary units (inches, miles, pounds, etc.)
  • Electricity: 120 volt or 60 hertz. Buy a Type-B adapter plug NEMA 5-15 to ensure your electrical items work in Paducah.
  • Legal car rental age: 25
  • Legal driving age: 16
  • Legal drinking and gambling age: 21

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