Paducah History

Founded in 1827 by William Clark of Lewis & Clark fame, Paducah's significant American heritage can be traced to the city's strategic location at the confluence of the Ohio and Tennessee Rivers.

Museums and riverfront "Wall to Wall" Murals by the Dafford Murals Team weave the story of Paducah's past and guide viewers to experiences and landmarks throughout the town.

Historic Riverfront

Paducah, Kentucky's scenic riverfront is the site of historic markers, "Wall to Wall" murals, fireworks, concerts, festivals and visiting boat dockings. Walk, run or bike the…


Housed in some of Paducah's most significant architectural treasures, expertly curated museums draw you in to the river town's authentic sense of place. Go back in time to discover…

Wall to Wall Murals

Robert Dafford and the Dafford Murals Team capture Paducah's rich history in life-sized paintings on the river city's floodwall. These panoramic "Portraits from Paducah's…

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