The local music scene is an essential element of our Creative City's culture! Feel the rhythm of Paducah, Kentucky music from home through the new "Inside Out" Music Project and Stage Sessions from Clemens Fine Arts Center, a custom Spotify soundtrack and commentary from local venues, all spotlighting the talent and diversity of area musicians.

Stage Sessions

Step inside local venues like Clemens Fine Arts Center with our "Year of Kentucky Music Story.

Stage Sessions Series from Clemens Fine Arts Center

Clemens Fine Arts Center opens the 2020-21 season with its inaugural virtual concert series, Stage Sessions. Featuring local signer-songwriters presenting music and original theatrical performances, the eclectic series will premiere online, between October 3 and November 28.

Participating artists include Fate McAfee, Will Maring and Robert Bowlin, Daniel Morrow, Brenda J-Yazd, The Cuttin' Jessie's, Pep Talk and J.D. Wilkes.

Inside Out Music Project

"Inside Out" Online Music Project

Though its Arts in Focus and Backstage Pass series are currently paused, the Clemens Fine Arts Center continues to deliver exceptional entertainment with a showcase of local and regional musicians online. Follow the "Inside Out" series, featuring short 10-15 minute videos self-produced by the musicians.

“Through ‘Inside Out,’ we have the privilege to work with and support many musicians who have brought insight and joy into our collective lives at our venue in the past. We know we can help the community recover and cope in a world of being alone together. Each piece is a sincere, heart-felt and creative presentation that reveal more about the artists as creators, dreamers and storytellers." - Todd Birdsong, Executive Director of Clemens Fine Arts Center

Participating singer/songwriters include Nathan Blake Lynn, Poly, Melanie Davis, Solid Rock’it Boosters, Jenny Johnson, Lew Jetton, J.D. Wilkes, Daniel Neihoff, Josh Coffey, Shannon Vetter, Wheelhouse Rousters and many others. 

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Purchase Area Spotify Playlist

One of the local musicians featured in "Inside Out" is Nathan Blake Lynn, whose deep love of music and Paducah's cultural heritage is interwoven through his many musical affiliations and his work as a local and family historian at McCracken County Public Library. To share this passion, Lynn has curated a Spotify playlist featuring a variety of musicians from Paducah and the Purchase region of western Kentucky.

"There is no way to fully catalog and provide access to the depths of music and culture of our area, especially on Spotify alone. But I hope that this gives listeners a taste of what some of us as musicians, songwriters and artists have to share." - Nathan Blake Lynn, Local Musician & Historian

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