Every year when I was a kid, my family and I took the drive from Florida to Missouri during the holidays. That 18 hour road trip was forever engrained in my head as an annual marathon of potty breaks every 2 hours, staring at the tv screen in the back of our mini van and the occasional pit stop to pick up a quick bite before we get back on the road. One city in particular we always seemed to pass through, Paducah Kentucky. I remember stopping here for food every other year, or maybe I just remember the odd name and the location we seemed to always get gasoline prior to crossing the state border (Gasoline was always more expensive in Illinois) In every case I never once would have imagined this city to be one I would be writing about in the future about its cultural craft that is apparently world famous. Two years ago I managed to drive through this city (The last time I drove through here was probably 10 years ago) and something caught my eye.

By Ashley Day

Menus across the country are transitioning seasonal offerings with more apple, pear, squash and pumpkin on the way. We're easing into fall with the first apple items, from traditional pastries and cider cocktails to inventive dishes and creatively infused drinks incorporating the fruit. In September, it's perfectly okay to have an apple a day, and we found some of the tastiest ways. Browse the gallery above for tons of takes on the season's star ingredients, and see more fall dining inspiration below.