By Kelly Magyarics

The afternoon of August 21, 2017 will mark the first time since 1918 that a total solar eclipse will be visible across the entire contiguous United States. (And another one like it won’t occur again until 2024.) To celebrate the occasion, restaurants and bars are adding a bit of starry magic to their menus with items inspired by this rare celestial event. It’s a great excuse for a gathering, so cross your fingers for clear skies and don’t forget your eclipse glasses!
Moonjito at Silent Brigade Distillery: Paducah, Kentucky
Since the eclipse falls on what is predicted to be a sizzler of a Kentucky day, bartender Scottie Timmons of Silent Brigade Distillery decided to put a twist on his favorite summer cocktail, the mojito. In a sly hat tip to the moon, his version is made with the craft distillery’s Kentucky Moonshine. Timmons builds on the base by adding simple syrup, soda water and fresh orange mint he grows himself.

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