By Chris Chamberlain

Nashvillians will tell just about anyone who asks that Music City is a great place to be from. But in moments of honesty (or after a few pints at a Downtown bar filled with the cacophony of multiple bachelorette parties), they may also admit that sometimes it’s also a great place to get away from. Here are some quick escapes from town when the urge to travel strikes.

Paducah, Kentucky

Distance from Nashville: 137 miles northwest; two-hour drive
Why it made our list: This quaint town at the confluence of the Tennessee and Ohio Rivers is a delightful surprise for folks who haven’t ever stopped halfway on the trip to St. Louis. With a 20-block downtown historic district, a vibrant arts scene, and a tradition as the center of the quilting universe, there are plenty of reasons to make the detour.

Pro tip: The best time to check out the craft beer excellence of the town is at the PaBREWcah festival each summer, but there’s never a bad time to swing by to sample the local spirits and wine.

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