The Moonshine Co. takes a family tradition of backcountry distilling to downtown Paducah, the Kentucky Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Frankfort honors those who gave their lives during this conflict in a profound way, and Maysville is the home of the Wald Cycle Company, a company with over a hundred years of ingenuity.

(#2119) Paducah Moonshine; Kentucky Vietnam Veterans Memorial; Wald's Bicycles

Paducah Distilled Spirits

The craft of distilling moonshine lives on at Paducah Distilled Spirits, where visitors can taste traditional moonshine as well as flavored fruit moonshines, including strawberry, lemon and peach varieties. In a nod to its status as the first legal distillery in Paducah since 1920, the company offers free guided tours of its on-site museum, which includes several vintage stills.

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