Coming up on MainStreet we'll take you on a journey to a city defined by a river and a unique personal collection.

Paducah, Kentucky has found a distinctive way to embrace the history of the river while keeping the city safe from the rise of dangerous floodwaters. Ro Morris has been instrumental in the creation and maintenance of the murals that are on permanent display on the city's flood wall, and takes us on a tour of this beautiful celebration of the city's past.

The River Discovery Center is a fun and educational trip through the river city's history and culture. From the interactive pilot house simulator to the detailed models of steam boats that used to ply the river. It's a chance to sample a little bit of what Paducah used to be, and to what this thriving city has become.

Multi-media artist Freda Fairchild relocated to Paducah when the city decided to turn a troubled neighborhood into a haven for the arts. This experiment has revitalized a section of the city while drawing artists like Freda, whose work is known worldwide. Her work is a reflection of her live and the risks she is willing to take on behalf of her work and where she lives.

The National Quilt Museum is an interesting blend of the old and the new era of quilt making. From the traditional Wedding Ring quilts of a century ago to the magnificent works of fiber art, this museum treasures the traditions and the imaginations of quilt makers from around the world.