Paducah Maps to Print

Download maps of Paducah, Kentucky to navigate from neighborhood to neighborhood. Reference a selection of printable maps below that include detailed wayfinding information with keys, or visit our hub for local maps & guides for interactive maps that are easily viewed on your personal mobile device.

Tour Maps (PDFs)

Explore Paducah's architecture, history and public art with these self-guided tour maps for favorite local and regional tours and trails.

Dining Maps (PDFs)

These dining maps invite you to dine and savor local flavor at Paducah restaurants by region.

Shopping Maps (PDFs)

Shop local in Paducah, from boutiques to art galleries and gift shops to quilt shops.

While printable PDF maps are updated regularly, information is subject to change without notice. For the most up-to-date listings, view the interactive maps and partner directories.

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