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Wildhair Studios' Rock Shop


Our retail center features a large selection of Healing Crystals, Natural Stone Jewelry, Aromatherapy, Gifts, Blessed Jewelry and 'Pretty Rocks'. Now offering Classes & Events and Alternative & Holistic Health products. Wheelchair and Stroller friendly.

Positive energy permeates the entire store from the serene environment to the soothing sounds. Soft aromas from essential oils, handmade soaps, candles and incense calm and lift your spirits. Each product and service is carefully selected to inspire you to reclaim your well-being and bring your ‘vibes’ up to joy. The store features crystals and gemstones, holistic and alternative well-being tools, essential oils, natural stone jewelry and inspirational artisan gifts. In addition, they offer classes, events and retreats.

“It’s about reminding people of their true nature and how spiritual and vibrational imbalances can manifest in physical ways,” explains Rock Shop owner, Susan K. Edwards. “With our products and services we inspire people to surround themselves with positive energy, reduce their stress and generally feel better.”