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Gallery 5


With a focus primarily on architecture, his watercolors and drawings depict the built environment, townscapes, and urban landscapes. Renzulli’s paintings have been exhibited in numerous solo and juried shows. His work has also been exhibited in galleries in the mid-atlantic states. His limited edition prints are distributed nation wide. In addition he has been commissioned to create both commemorative prints and original work for a number of institutions, schools, and businesses. During this time period, he worked exclusively in watercolors, developing a unique style that made his work immediately recognizable. In 2002 Renzulli moved to Paducah Kentucky, where for the first time he can devote all of his time and energy to his art. There he achieved a long standing dream by opening his own gallery and re-established his studio where he has been working in all three mediums, pastel, watercolor, and clay. Gallery 5 is open by appointment Monday-Thursday & 11 AM - 5 PM on Friday and Saturday.

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Historic Architecture
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