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The Christmas Book



The Christmas Book
Written by Michael Cochran

The Christmas Book begins on December 23, 1949 when an unexpected snowstorm brings the arrival of a mysterious, yet kind stranger to a family’s farm. Mary, Tom, and their three children Peter, Ava, and Rose invite him to stay until the storm passes. The discovery of an unusual book from among the stranger’s things begins a series of miraculous events that effect each of the family members making them soon realize that the arrival of this man and his book did not happen by chance. 

This family Christmas show, in its World Premiere, will be presented at Market House Theatre as part of the 57th Season Family Series. 
Directed by Michael Cochran
Dec. 10 - 13 & 17 - 20 

Meet The Cast:

Tom - Tom Dolan 
Mary - Amber Dawn 
Peter - Clark Turner 
Ava - Addie Beth Franklin
Rose - Annie Peck
El - Scott Dossett


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