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Boho Bags! Workshop at Ephemera Paducah



Here's a great way to introduce a little Mixed Media and totally IMprecise sewing into your world!

We love our Boho Bags here at Ephemera Paducah, as much fun as they are to tote around town, the making of them is a kick!

You'll dig through the piles of fabric, notions, ribbon, badges, and all kinds of adornments. You'll create your own "Happy Patches" with stamps, stencils, fabric pens and markers. You'll sit in a room humming with sewing machines and other folks who like to "Make Stuff!" Fun, right???

Not a great sewer? No problem!! We're talking straight lines and topstitching. You can get as fancy as you like but part of the joy of these bags is the utter abandonment in making them.  Leave your threads hanging if you like!

Using two upholstery fabric samples as the base, you'll adorn, sew, and add to that sturdy fabric to create your bag. Valerie and I will take you through the construction of your Boho Bag complete with personalized embellishments and parts to adorn it.

We'll spend the morning making parts, digging through the stash and figuring out color schemes. The afternoon will be spent sewing and completing your bag. Some may get fancy and line it; others may decide to just go with raw edges inside. It's your project!

What to bring:

  • A Sewing Machine in good working order along with extra needles (heavy duty or "Denim" are best), threads in a variety of colors (black, white, your favorite colors), bobbins, etc. If you have a foot that allows free motion, that's fun for this project, too.
  • Basic hand sewing kit - scissors, needles, thread
  • Something sturdy for your bag's strap. This can be a man's tie, a belt you pick up at a Thrift Store, braided cotton strap -- whatever you like! Bring a couple items to "audition" and we'll figure out how to construct it!
  • If you have elements & fabrics you know you'd like to include in your bag, feel free to bring them. Have too much fabric at home? Bring it for the share pile!
  • Very basic machine sewing experience is necessary. (Seriously this is straight lines and lots of topstitching. Easy Peasy.)

We'll take a break for lunch, ordering in from one of our local restaurants. Feel free to brown bag your lunch, as well.

Boho Bags! Workshop at Ephemera Paducah