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Bee Taylor



From the artist herself:

"My name is Bee Taylor. I can't stand pretentious biographies, so I'll just tell you my story from my own mouth.

I grew up on my family's ranch in the pines of East Texas. My love for music starts there, singing along to cassette tapes of Hank WIlliams and Kitty Wells. At thirteen I started playing a guitar my mother borrowed from a neighbor, and I would take this guitar out to the hay field and sing to the cows. As my playing and audience progressed, I began cutting my teeth on the stages of the Texas Opry Circuit. These were places locals gathered in old movie theaters to hear classic country on Saturday nights. In between weekends I raised piglets on the ranch and once they were old enough I would take them to the town's auction barn and sell them to farmers. Saving up all of my pig money I was able to buy my first guitar.

During all of this, Nashville was heavy on my mind, so I applied for a job with the U.S. Postal Service and carried the mail to over 2,000 houses a day in the most menacing parts of Texarkana, Texas and Arkansas. I spent a year there saving my money to pull the trigger. I moved to Tennessee.

That's when everything changed.

I found myself amongst the most peculiar and fascinatingh walks of life who turned me on to the likes of delta blues, gypsy jass and all styles of alternative music. I soon moved into a 1972 Airstream trailer nestled in a Tennessee hollow. There wasn't running water or a kitchen, but music flowed through me like the creek I would dip my toes in. This is where I found me, where my songs came to life, where my soul found its place in this world. I spent the next two years cultivating my songwriting and musicanship in that hollow. I recorded. my first album there which showcased the new sound of Bee Taylor.

After gaining a reputation within the cracks and crevices of Nashville's underground scene, I slowly gathered my band together one member at a time. I made it clear to each of them; my goal is to make history and we will succeed at such. Since that time we found ourselves at home on Nashville's favorite stages such as Exit In, 3rd and Lindsley, Bluebird Cafe, and all while traveling extensively the U.S. playing my original music.

After leaving the airstream, I moved into the upstairs of the full tape and analog Pecan Valley Studio. That's where the ever present piano called my naame almost daily. I began to fall for the jazz and funk piano styles of Dr. John, Professor Longhair and Mose Allison. Since that time I've continuously been teaaching myself how to play in that style.