Tucked away in Paducah’s historic downtown is Maiden Alley Cinema, an independent art house where visitors enjoy independent and foreign films, documentaries and music just about every weekend throughout the year. In addition to weekly cultural attractions, Maiden Alley Cinema is home to Kentucky’s longest running film festival, the River’s Edge Film Festival. This four-day event is one of Maiden Alley’s crown jewels and has welcomed filmmakers and film enthusiasts from such faraway places as Japan, The United Kingdom, Spain and many other states and nations across the globe. The festival recently celebrated its first decade of success and continues to be an attraction for audiences of all ages.

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At various times throughout the year, Maiden Alley Cinema partners with artists, musicians and community anchors, such as the Paducah School of Art & Design, to offer film making workshops and other media arts events. During the Music at MAC performances, musicians’ work is complemented by a digital installation that allows the venue to utilize their space to its full potential.


As if this was not enough to take in, Paducah is also host to the 48-Hour Film Project each year. Professional and amateur filmmakers gather for two exciting days in which they put their filmmaking chops to the test.

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