The continuous energy that flows through Paducah’s fiber arts community is driven, in part, by the growing number of fiber artists who have made Paducah home. These fiber art innovators honor Paducah’s long tradition of quilting and the arts, through their artistic contributions and community engagement. They are taking the reigns of tradition and applying their own unique styles and approaches to work that attracts visitors of all ages and interests.


H3: Rose Hughes


Quilt artist, Rose Hughes teaches her fast-piece applique technique all over the country. When she isn’t traveling, Rose works in her Paducah studio creating art quilts, blogging, and filming online workshops for her students to access.


H3: Helene Davis


Another Paducah artist making her mark on the fiber industry is Helene Davis. Helene creates finely crafted, hand dyed fabrics that can be used in a variety of quilts, from traditional to modern. Her retail space at Jefferson Street Studios is filled with her hand-dyed fabric, vintage fabric, fabric rolls, art quilts, as well as handmade beads designed by her husband Robert Davis.


H3: Lily Liu


From her Lower Town studio Lily Liu blends textures and vibrant color into the fiber art that she creates. She marvels at the flexibility and possibilities that this art form allows as she felts rugs, winds fiber into intricate sculptures and upcycles clothing using Japanese shibori.


H3: Charlotte Erwin

Wearable art is one way fiber artist Charlotte Erwin employs her fabric marbling techniques. From silk scarves to other wearables, Charlotte’s work has been featured in Southern Living, Skywest, Preservation and Arts Across Kentucky magazines. Her marbling techniques reflect the elegance of nature as she infuses her work with stunning colors, rhythmic patterns and textures.