"Quilts are not just for bundling up and keeping warm. They are considered works of art at the National Quilt Museum. There, you won't find any paintings or sculptures—only walls and walls of beautifully stitched fabrics. Some are so detailed, you won't believe they were stitched by hand.

The National Quilt Museum in Paducah, Kentucky, is currently home to over 600 quilts made by roughly 350 artists from 12 countries and 47 states. They are currently celebrating 10 years of being dedicated by Congress. The museum facility and touring exhibits are held in three galleries and annually viewed by over 115,000 quilt and art enthusiasts.

One thing that makes this museum even more unique is that it currently owns 10 of the 100 best quilts of the twentieth century. The current exhibition, Fly Me to the Moon, showcases "a journey of quilts honoring the Apollo Astronauts, Apollo missions, and all things lunar" and displays 130 artists from eight countries. Of the near-thousand quilts on display, there are a few pieces that stand out to Rachael Baar, the museum's curator, because of the meaning behind them."

By Maddie Hiatt, Martha Stewart

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